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Discrimination is the key to a wrongful termination or harassment case. 

So, what is discrimination under the law? 

It is illegal to treat an employee differently when it comes to any  aspect of employment, such as: 

  • hiring; 
  • firing;
  • rate of pay;
  • benefits;
  • assignment of work load;
  • enforcement of company policies;
  • and more.

Many cases start with the "EEOC Process," Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions. 

The law protects employees from certain types of discrimination:  

  • Pregnancy;
  • Age;
  • Disability;
  • Medical Condition;
  • National Origin;
  • Race; 
  • Color; 
  • Religion; 
  • Sex;  
  • Family Medical Leave Act;
  • Medical Leave;
  • Medical Accommodation Requests; 
  • Equal Pay; 
  • and more. 

Sometimes the discrimination is not so obvious, such as a policy that  applies to all employees but has the effect of punishing a certain  group of employees, such as employees over the age of 40, or employees  of a certain race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender,  disability, etc.

The law also protects against wrongful terminations due to:  

  • Family Medical Leave Act Request;
  • Unpaid Wages Request;
  • Workers Compensation benefits requests;
  • "Whistle-Blower" or complaints about illegal activity;
  • Discrimination complaints to HR or Management;
  • Breach of Contract and more!

If you having problems at work, it is best to speak to an attorney before speaking with the company or attempting to correct the issue alone. 

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The law is always changing and each case is different.