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Illegal in Florida to take adverse action against an employee if they:


(1) Disclosed,  or threatened to disclose, to any appropriate governmental agency,  under oath, in writing, an activity, policy, or practice of the employer  that is in violation of a law, rule, or regulation. However, this  subsection does not apply unless the employee has, in writing, brought  the activity, policy, or practice to the attention of a supervisor or  the employer and has afforded the employer a reasonable opportunity to  correct the activity, policy, or practice.

(2) Provided  information to, or testified before, any appropriate governmental  agency, person, or entity conducting an investigation, hearing, or  inquiry into an alleged violation of a law, rule, or regulation by the  employer.

(3) Objected  to, or refused to participate in, any activity, policy, or practice of  the employer which is in violation of a law, rule, or regulation.

Illegal in Florida: Workers Compensation Retaliation

No  employer shall discharge, threaten to discharge, intimidate, or coerce  any employee by reason of such employee’s valid claim for compensation  or attempt to claim compensation under the Workers’ Compensation Law. 

Retaliation: Medical Leave/Accommodation, Discrimination, illegal activities, Unpaid Wages Complaint

 "Whistle-Blowers" and employees whom complain about discrimination at  work or employees whom request worker’s compensation benefits, time off  of work via the Family Medical Leave Act or unpaid wages are protected  under the law from retaliation, harassment and termination. 

The law protects not only the employee whom began the complaint or request but also an employee whom is a witness, answers questions during  a governmental investigation, or an employee refusing to follow orders  by management that would be illegal or discriminatory to other  employees. 

If an employee is being harassed at work or is terminated for  “whistle-blowing” they may not only be entitled to loss wages but also a  percentage of any money the government recovers from the fraud or fines  from each violation.

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